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​#1 Review the schedule & key dates

All full-time staff members are employed for the duration of the summer season, which begins one week before the first camper week, as shown on the Camp Calendar. Staff week will be a valuable training time, as the staff get to know each other, get to know the ins and outs of camp, and prepare mentally and spiritually for 6 weeks of service to the Lord. All staff are also required to be present at Camp from 1:45pm on Sunday afternoon until they are dismissed for the weekend by the Director after campers leave & camp is reset for the next week. Dismissal times for Day Camp and Overnight Camp is Friday night around 9pm, and Saturday around 2pm for Teen Week. Staff are encouraged to use their time off on Saturday, and Sunday morning, to rest and spiritually prepare for the following week including attending morning worship at the church of their choice on Sunday morning.



Full-time staff are required to adhere to Camp Pattersonville’s Purpose & Code of Conduct along with the Confession of Faith.  Staff should be prepared to live sacrificially in a Christ-like manner to demonstrate the love of the LORD, Jesus Christ, to children.


#3 Scroll down to find The ministry position you want to fill, read the description, & submit the completed application

​If you have any questions, contact Matthew Hogan (518-487-9011) or Al Steinbach (518-248-6732) or reach them both via apply@CampPattersonville.org.  Thank you for prayerfully considering “Camp Patt” as a place to work your heart out for Jesus this summer!


#4 Send out Reference Forms

Camp Pattersonville reference form Rev2

Each applicant must have two references that accompany your application. Please provide the form on the link to your references. Have them mail or email the completed form to the address provided.


Summer Program Director

NOTE: Camp Pattersonville is also seeking a year-round Camp Director.  Click HERE for more info.
The Camp Summer Program Director is responsible for the personnel, program, and grounds while Camp is running. The program director’s job is to build the staff into an effective unit that ministers to the spiritual and physical needs of each camper. Responsibilities include leading games, teaching Bible lessons, leading staff devotions, training staff, and supervising the day-to-day operations of Camp.

Job Description – Program Director – Rev2022a
application.director – Rev2021b


Assistant Summer Program Director

The assistant program director will work together with the program director in training the staff, organizing and running activities, and working with the Counselors in Training (CITs) during the week. This person is very important in coming alongside the program director in providing a fantastic experience for both campers and staff.

Job Description – Assistant Program Director – Rev2022a.docx
application.assistant.director – Rev2021b


Aquatics Director

The Aquatics Director is in charge of the swimming program and pool maintenance. The aquatics director shall assess the swimming ability of each camper, oversee the swimming lesson program and free swim periods, supervise other lifeguards, and maintain the pool chemistry and cleanliness.

The Aquatics Director must be at least 21 years old, have current certification as a water Safety Instructor (WSI), Lifeguard, and for Lifeguard Supervision and Management.  In addition, the Aquatics Director shall have prior lifeguard experience to meet the requirements of the New York State Department of Health.  Camp Pattersonville may provide reimbursement for training or re-certification completed prior to camp season for an otherwise qualified candidate.​

The pool is a vital part of the Camp Pattersonville experience, especially on a hot summer day and the aquatics director ensures that it is a fun and safe experience. In addition, the aquatics director will be called upon to biblically mentor staff and campers throughout the summer.

application.aquatics-director – Rev2021b


Head Cook

The head cook will work with the assistant cook to prepare all meals for up to 120 campers, staff, and guests from Sunday evening to Saturday morning each week. The head cook will supervise and biblically mentor Counselors in Training (CITs) as they serve the meals and wash dishes. The head cook will follow a meal plan and order food under the guidance of a camp board member and maintain the kitchen in accordance with the regulations set forth by the State of New York. The head cook must be a minimum of eighteen years of age.

Your service to the campers will be rewarded when you hear them singing “Thank You” songs at the top of their lungs from their various tables or begging for seconds on dessert! Your demonstration of Christ’s love through the time you spend in the kitchen and spiritually mentoring CITs will not go unnoticed in eternity

application.cook – Rev2021b


Assistant Cook

The assistant cook will work under the direction of the head cook to prepare all meals for up to 120 campers, staff, and guests from Sunday evening to Saturday morning each week. The assistant cook will guide and biblically mentor Counselors in Training (CITs) in their kitchen and dining room tasks, as directed by the head cook. The assistant cook must be a minimum of 17 years old.

You will have a key role in making camp a good experience for campers and staff as you prepare and serve healthy and tasty meals with the attitude of a Christian servant.

application.asssistant.cook – Rev2021b


Health Director

Every camp needs a good “nurse”. Our Health Director fills that position for us. The Health Directors job can be demanding, but very fulfilling as this person will get to care for the campers physical needs while being attentive to their spiritual condition.

The Health Director will supervise health and sanitation for the camp. The health director shall be a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or registered nurse. The health director will collect health records for all staff and campers, oversee health screening at camper/staff check in, and all first aid administered at camp, maintain first aid kits, and a medical log, administer medications, perform daily cabin inspections, and care for the occasional sick camper. This will be done as required by the New York State Department of Health. Additionally, the health director will be called upon to biblically mentor staff and campers throughout the summer.

application.healthdirector – Rev2021b



The Handyman/Handywoman is responsible for general maintenance and janitorial upkeep of the camp buildings and grounds during the camping season under the guidance of the Director and a Board member. In this position you will mop floors, service restrooms, remove garbage, mow grass, and make simple/minor repairs. This person will also oversee and mentor Counselors in Training (CITs) as they assist in the completion of these duties. The handyman/woman must be at least 17 years of age.

The handyman/woman’s work may not be noticed when done well, but there is incredible opportunity to model Christ for staff and campers in more ways than one might realize. In addition the handyman/woman will be called upon to biblically mentor staff and campers throughout the summer.

application.handyman-handywoman – Rev2021b



A counselor at Camp Pattersonville must be a high school graduate, 18* years old or older, have experience in camping and a strong Christian testimony as a foundation to lead the campers. The counselor is responsible for caring for a group of campers from the time they arrive on Sunday until Saturday morning when they leave the grounds. The counselor will keep the campers on schedule and teach the designated Bible memory verses during a morning lesson and prepare an appropriate evening devotion to lead campers to a greater understanding of Jesus and His will for their life. The counselor will also teach an interest class (5 o’clock class), help teach either swimming lessons** or hand crafts as designated by the director on a weekly basis and plan a camp activity for their cabin group each morning.

Being a counselor is a demanding job, including hiking on irregular terrain, swimming, canoeing, leading active camp & sports games, and occasionally sleeping on the ground.  The role of Counselor is also very rewarding as you watch campers grow in their knowledge of God, His creation, and His love for them. 

​*Note that New York State Department of Health allows us to have one counselor that is only 17 years old. **We give preference to candidates who are certified lifeguards. We will provide reimbursement for that training or re-certification completed prior to camp season (with prior approval of the Camp Pattersonville Board) and a $100 bonus for the season.

application.counselor – Rev2021b